Bastien Maubert

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I obtained my PhD in January 2014 at Universit de Rennes 1. It was prepared in the team LogicA at IRISA, under the supervision of Sophie Pinchinat and Guillaume Aucher. I was until recently a CNRS postdoctoral fellow at LORIA in Nancy, in Hans van Ditmarsch' team CELLO (Computational Epistemic Logic in Lorraine), working on the ERC project Epistemic Protocol Synthesis. I should then start another postdoc with Aniello Murano, in Napoli.

My research interests include logics dealing with knowledge and strategic abilities (epistemic, temporal, dynamic, alternating logics...), game theory, in particular games with imperfect information, and in general I am interested in problems dealing with the security of systems (program verification, program synthesis...).

My full resume here.